All human beings have a natural texture to them. Some people have curly hair, freckled skin, and a matte appearance; they have a more suede and matte appearance. Other people seem more satin and shiny; they have sleek, straight hair, flawless skin and a shiny appearance. However, as people age, their quality becomes more suede and matte than in their youth. Freckles, wrinkles and spots increase on the skin, hair becomes mixed with grey, and people have more of a matte appearance. Dressing for your body with texture in mind is celebrating this natural quality to a person’s image. 

Clothing and accessories have their own texture. A solid coloured dress is smoother in quality than a dress with a pattern. Made of a fabric like satin, it would be shinier than if it was made of suede. Even for jewellery, a necklace with silver plates is more smooth and shiny than a necklace with intricately carved beads. When a woman knows how the texture of her clothing and accessories impacts her appearance, she can make her sartorial decisions so that she looks her best. 

For example, if a woman who has a suede and matte appearance chooses to wear a chiffon dress in cobalt blue, her texture clashes with the quality of her clothes to the point where we notice the dress more than her. The dress suits someone who has a satin and shiny appearance because of the solid colour with no repeating patterns and because the fabric that it’s made of has a sheen. Instead of highlighting her inherent features, the woman’s choice of dress works against her texture. She appears more suede and matte in contrast to the satin and shiny look of her clothing and accessories. If she instead wore a flocked patterned dress, the flocking and the repeated pattern would harmonize with her natural texture so that we notice her, not the visual difference between the garment and herself. When a woman’s clothing and accessories work in harmony with her texture, she looks more pulled together.

Even jewellery can work to highlight a woman’s appearance. If a woman has a satin and shiny texture and she chose a beaded necklace with a wooden pendant, the texture of the jewellery would clash with the smoothness of her face. On the other hand if she chose a necklace with smooth metal pieces, the quality of the necklace would complement her face so that her inherent quality is emphasized. 

Because not all clothing and accessories will be either satin and shiny or suede and matte, a woman can make slight adjustments to flatter her appearance. If she wanted to wear a beaded necklace, for example, she could look for a style with more of the elements that would match her texture and create balance. For example, if she goes for a necklace with large smooth beads interspersed with sparkling stones instead of a necklace with a wood pendant and seed beads, she would complement the satin quality of her appearance because the contrast is minimized. 

Here are some tips on what to look for in clothing and accessories to match a woman’s texture:

If her texture is satin and shiny, match her texture with these design details: 

  • Fabrics with a tight weave like gabardine or satin. 
  • Garments with a smooth surface fabric and a shiny or dull sheen. 
  • Solid colours in fashion pieces and items with minimal or no detail. 
  • Polished and sleek jewellery with sparkling stones, like a metal chunky chain necklace, a rhinestone bracelet, and jewelled studs. 
  • Shiny and smooth accessories, like a patent leather belt or a metallic clutch. 


If her texture is suede and matte, match her texture with these design details:

  • Loose weave fabrics like knits, crochet and lace.
  • Tweed, suede, jacquard, corduroy or fabrics with flocking for surface interest.
  • Patterns and detailing on all fashion pieces.
  • Wooden, carved, beaded or brushed metal accessories and jewellery with natural stones.


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