Plum Personality Style Survey

We'd love to know more about what's important to you when choosing clothing so we can continue to offer you the best selection and service when you come and visit us at Plum. This survey is just a few questions and will take about two minutes. We appreciate your contribution!

Tell us what you think, and your name could be drawn to win $150 gift card from Plum.1

Rank the following statements from the most important to the least important for when you are shopping for clothing. You must assign the numbers 1 through 6 to the options below. Where 1 is the most important, and 6 is the least important. You can only use each number once.
I shop for current trends: I update regularly.
I shop for functional clothing that meets my needs for work and life.
I shop for clothing that is comfortable on my body.
I shop for classic, not too trendy or extreme clothing. It’s more conservative and stands the test of time.
I shop for clothes that are different from what is common, clothes that are more unique to me.
I shop for beautiful and luxurious fabrics and tailoring.  I love high quality, flowing, feminine clothes.
In what year were you born?
What is your postal code?
What Plum store do you visit the most?


The remaining questions are strictly for the prize draw.

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